The Law Office of Eric J. Proos, P.C.


Legal Services

Catered to help your business grow

Services Provided


Entity Formation or Conversion

Choose your entity structure, form it, and comply.

Operating Mapping

Operating agreements, buy/sell agreements, bylaws, partnership agreements, etc.

Government Recognition

Get your EIN and apply and acquire licenses

cannabis law

Licensing Assistance and Guidance

Get help navigating the hundreds of requirements for the local and state license applications, filing of application with proper agency, and representation during any administrative hearing for your license


Follow all packaging, security, labeling, and the other extensive compliance requirements that are placed on the cannabis industry. If you have a compliance question, we can help.

Contract Drafting

Protect your cannabis business with top notch, cannabis specific contract review, drafting, advisement, and negotiation.


If your cannabis company finds itself in litigation with another business, municipality, or the state, we can apply our years of experience to help navigate the uncertainties of court proceedings


No business owner has done it on their own. You will need a group of professionals to help. When you retain our service you will get an introduction to the leading professionals in the cannabis industry from accountants, to real estate brokers, to grow consultants. Everything you need, we can make an introduction.

criminal law

Even though cannabis is legal in California, it is still federally illegal. If you find yourself ,or your business, in the crosshairs of a local district attorney’s office or the federal government, we can help.

General business law

Sale of Your Business

Due diligence, negotiation, offer review, contract drafting, etc

Investor Representation

We will review the company you are considering to invest into and prepare a memo regarding the current posture of the business.

Limiting Your Risk

Your business needs processes and procedures to limit its risk and exposure to potential litigation. Let us handle, it while you focus on business optimization.

Outside Counsel

Even if your business has its inside counsel, most successful businesses have an outside counsel to tackle out of the ordinary tasks. We offer a covered services fee that includes all outside counsel work.

Contract Drafting, Review, and Negotiation

Contracts are a way of life in the business world, so you need to be sure what you are agreeing to, your duties, and make sure your interests are represented.