Understanding Cannabis Basics 


With a Qualified Los Angeles Cannabis Attorney 


In 2016 California votes passed Proposition 64. Proposition 64 legalized recreational marijuana for adults aged 21 and older. Proposition 64 also created a recreational marijuana market consisting of recreational cultivators, distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and testing labs. California is and is predicted to have the world’s biggest marijuana and cannabis market. The cannabis market is one of the highest regulated industries in the world. That is why you need an experienced business and cannabis attorney to help you along the way. 


The Law Office of Eric J. Proos, P.C. works with cannabis companies, start-up and established on various issues. Do not proceed with starting or continuing to run your cannabis business without a Los Angeles Cannabis Attorney. 


Known and Experienced Cannabis Attorney 


Eric Proos is a respected, recognized, and experienced cannabis attorney. Eric’s business background and extensive knowledge of the cannabis and marijuana industries set him apart from other attorneys in the field. If you or a friend are interested in the cannabis and marijuana industry, contact The Law Office of Eric J. Proos, P.C. to help you. 


Eric Proos: 


  • Is a former executive board member of the Beverly Hills Bar Association Cannabis Section; 

  • Published author on the California Weed Blog: 

  • Nominated as Lawyer of The Year by the California Cannabis Awards 2019 

  • Hosted a sold out event at the W in Hollywood regarding state and local licensing (2017) 


If you are looking to get into the cannabis, marijuana industry, then you need to get your team established, starting with your attorney. The Law Office of Eric J. Proos, P.C. is ready to help you along your path. A few examples of how we help cannabis and marijuana clients are the following: 


  • Entity choice and formation 

  • Local licensing 

  • State licensing 

  • Administrative hearings 

  • Contract drafting 

  • Regulatory compliance 

  • Licensing agreements 

  • Introduction to our cannabis, marijuana, and hemp network 

  • Landlord tenant issues 


To navigate the hundreds of pages of local and state law you need an experienced cannabis and marijuana attorney that has a business background. At the end of the day your cannabis and marijuana business is a business, and should be treated as such.  


Call a Los Angeles Cannabis Attorney today at (213) 784-3640 to schedule your free 30-minute consultation. 

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